Hot Tub FAQs

The larger the hot tub, the more power and electrical current that is needed. When you go up to three or four pumps, you may be looking at a 40-amp feed. There is no such thing as a 32-amp hot tub.

32 amps is the amount of power that is required to run a standard hot tub that will have a heater and a couple of pumps running simultaneously. With a 32 amp, you could use it for three or four hours and your heater won’t turn off and the temperature will remain the same.

We find that this is one of the most common hot tub FAQs. The answer is different for each customer depending on who will be using it – a couple, family, or friends. Even if there will only be two people using the hot tub, different options of seats will allow you to soothe different muscles.

You may also require a greater number of loungers rather than seats. We have various hot tubs by size, whether you’re in the market for 3 person hot tubs, 6 person hot tubs all the way up to 8 person hot tubs.

There are so many hot tub features to pick from including LEDs lights, jets, music systems, water fountains, downward LED lights, automatic chemicals.

Lights will help to lift your mood and music will help entertain your guests. Automatic dosing will make things easier, so you don’t have to add your chemicals in each night.  We recommend choosing the most important features for you.

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Swim Spa FAQs

Yes, this is possible. You will need to create a gap around the full swim spa with the measurements of 600 mm. We would advise you to create a trap door into your decking, which can be used for access if we ever need to get to the side panels

Yes, your swim spa does come with a drainage outlet that is located at the bottom of the swim spa. However, a quicker way to drain your swim spa would be with a submersible pump.

The water temperature in a swim spa can be set up to 40 degrees. The ideal water temperature for swimming is around 30 degrees, but aquatic therapy should be up to 33 degrees. If you want to lounge in the therapy seats and relax, then we recommend you set it to 37.5 degrees.

In the swim spas which have dual temperature units, where there is a barrier between the swim area and the hot tub; the hot tub side of the unit can be heated to 40 degrees.

Yes, you may get a little wet from any splashes, but another person can sit back, relax and enjoy watching them swim or work out.