We take pride in the quality of our hot tub and swim spas from the controls we use down to the pipework materials. We use the latest technology on the build and design work to create cutting edge products ensuring we go beyond expectations for our customer.

We demand excellence and meet every challenge with quality whilst ensuring we go beyond expectations. We pride ourselves on our customer service; we genuinely care about our customers and partners and put them at the heart of everything we do.


New for 2023

We are pleased to announce the details of the new Platinum Deluxe Range for 2023. The new range focuses on innovation, the latest technology and an abundance of features, the new range includes a number of improvements.

With a brand-new look and feel the Deluxe range has changed with a more aesthetically pleasing design with the curvature of the acrylic. Featuring more modern and premium looking side panels complete with an LED Platinum Spas logo the new models are certainly more stylish.

Now including the award-winning energy efficient insulation Platinum Premium Shield providing a considerable difference in the heat retained as well as a reduction in energy costs. The circ pump has also been upgraded to a new circulation pump, which is much quieter and more energy efficient.

Our new Deluxe range has also been CEC tested which shows our commitment to being more energy efficient.

We continue to innovate every year with new models being introduced to ensure we offer the very best in technology and design, with a wide choice to suit every budget

Driving our standards higher

Quality Control

Quality is of utmost importance for Platinum Spas. To ensure we continue to focus on quality and drive our standards to be higher, we recruited a full time team member to be based at the Platinum Spas factory in China.

Our Quality Control Manager started in August 2022. Her role is to ensure that quality control checks are implemented and that these are adhered to at all times. The Quality Control Manager is in close contact with the Superior Wellness team, in particular the After Sales team as we continue to drive quality standards higher.

Our Components

All Platinum Spas products come with wood composite side panels, perfect for all weather conditions. The side panels are easily changeable incase of damages caused by the end user. We only use high quality components which are industry leading.


Hand Crafted

We take care and pride in every hot tub we make with each one uniquely crafted by hand during the build. Our skilled teams use their hands to ensure every detail is to the highest quality standard, where this isn’t possible, we use the latest technologies to maintain our high levels of quality.

The stainless steel structure is hand-welded for each spa with the fibre-glassing hand-sprayed then hand-rolled. All plumbing is assembled by hand and manually glued and fitted and some of the jet holes are hand drilled or manually cut. Our brand is consistent with all hot tubs built to the same high standard, but each hot tub is actually custom made with many of the processes by hand.

Platinum Premium Shield

With innovation as one of our brand values, we are always striving to innovate and improve products based on customer feedback and insight. We are committed to improving the energy efficiency of our products and for inspiration we looked at how modern homes are insulated. A hot tub should not be built any differently.

The Platinum Premium Shield features on the luxurious Premium range, the newly improved Deluxe range and swim spas. This combines five different types of insulation to retain the heat within the cabinet by the Superior Heatlock Insulation Process (SHIP), which includes:

  • The base has a reflective foil wrap
  • The cabinet has thick foil coated insulation panels fitting into it
  • The shell has several layers of ultra-efficient spray foam
  • The hot tub has an additional 360-degree wall of reflective foil wrapped around the steel structure locking in heat
  • And the hot tub has a well-insulated cover