Are you considering purchasing a new hot tub for your home? Understanding the most popular hot tubs on the market will allow you to explore hot tubs with a wide variety of features and help you come to the right purchasing decision.

By perusing this list of our top-selling hot tubs, you’ll be able to learn more about the features that are available on Platinum Spas’ top-selling hot tubs, as well as finding out more about hot tub sizes. Are you ready to learn more and see what’s on offer? Then read on and let’s get started.

Platinum Spas Most Popular Hot Tubs

Our four most popular models are:

  1. Tokyo Hot Tub
  2. Barcelona Hot Tub
  3. Onyx Hot Tub
  4. Santorini Hot Tub

1. The Tokyo

A close up of the Platinum Spas Tokyo hot tub, sitting on a lawn.

Our Tokyo model is one of our most popular hot tubs. Boasting space for six people to relax and enjoy all the fantastic relaxation that our hot tubs have to offer, it’s perfect for parties or family get-togethers. The tub features one lounger and five seats, so whether you want to sit or recline, there’s a space for you.

The Tokyo range includes the fantastic Superior Aristech acrylic finish, as well as an ozone water clarification system. To add to your hot tub experience, there’s also innovative LED lighting at the waterline, corner panels and underwater, which means using your hot tub after dark will be a magical experience. Making it even better for parties, the Tokyo has an integrated sound system, as well as a remote control app. 

The tub measures in at 2230 × 2230 × 940 mm, and there are three pumps, each coming in at three horsepower, giving the tub a total power of 9 horsepower. It needs that much power, too, with the hot tub featuring a total of 89 jets, in a range of formations across the different seats and the lounger. It also features rotating jets for pressure point massage and directional jets for a less intense massage.

Keeping the water warm, there’s a 3KW heater and the Platinum Premium Shield insulation system to help keep you toasty. All of this can be controlled through the simple and easy-to-use Spa Touch 2 control board.

2. The Barcelona

A Barcelona hot tub in the Odyssey colour, on a terrace with a sea view.

A fantastic five-person hot tub, the Barcelona is another of our top-selling hot tubs. Perfect for the whole family, the Barcelona features three seats and two loungers, as well as the same Superior Aristech acrylic finish and ozone water clarification system as the Tokyo. If you purchase a Barcelona hot tub, you will also receive the same lighting as you would in the Tokyo, making nighttime soaks a joy.

The Barcelona features slightly fewer jets than the Tokyo, with 86 to the Tokyo’s 89, but it still features the directional and rotating jets as seen in the Tokyo. It’s just as powerful, too, with three pumps of three horsepower each. It also features a Bluetooth sound system, a 3KW heater and the same insulation as the Tokyo, and even boasts the same dimensions of 2230 × 2230 × 940 mm, which means that the only key difference is the number of seats. 

The shell is available in three colours, Midnight Canyon, Odyssey, and Sterling Silver, each a gorgeous colour that will make the hot tub even more inviting.

3. The Onyx

A Platinum Spas Onyx hot tub on concrete.

Another of our most popular hot tubs is the Onyx. This hot tub can seat five people, with two loungers and three seats, which makes it perfect for family get-togethers, just like the Barcelona. Boasting four pumps, each measuring in at two horsepower each, the hydrotherapy potential of the Onyx is extremely high. The hot tub measures in at 2200 × 2200 × 940 mm, making it slightly more compact than the Tokyo and Barcelona models.

Like the other models mentioned on this page, you can control the Onyx through a smartphone app or the Spa Touch 2 control board. As the Onyx also boasts a Bluetooth sound system, you’ll be relieved to know that either control method is simple and easy. 

The Onyx features 90 jets in total, including rotating and directional jets, for a splendid massage experience.

4. The Santorini

A Platinum Spas Santorini hot tub, installed on a deck, surrounded by foliage.

The Santorini hot tub features enough room for six people, boasting one luxury lounger and five seats, which means it’s perfect for solo bathing or use by families and friends. Powered by two pumps each outputting two horsepower, feeding 52 jets, this spa is fantastic for hydrotherapy too, and it also has the rotating jets and directional jets found on our other models that we’ve mentioned.

The Santorini also features LED lighting, a Bluetooth sound system and the ability to control the hot tub via Wi-fi. If you prefer, however, you can also use the control board, in the Santorini’s case, this is a TP700, with directional controls and a colour screen. It also boasts the Platinum Premium Shield insulation, helping your hot tub stay warm, no matter the weather, and keep heating bills down too.


We hope that this guide to our most popular hot tubs has helped you learn more about our products. We’ve not nearly covered all the hot tubs that we offer, and we also have a range of Swim Spas, for those looking for a more active fixture for their home. 

If you have any questions regarding the products mentioned above or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will be happy to help you learn more.

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