At Platinum Spas, we have an impressive range of 6 person hot tubs. This selection of hot tubs have up to 91 powerful jets included, and the level of power created by these jets provides an incredible hydrotherapy experience.

Our Infinity, Palma, Refresh and Tokyo are all fantastic options, with customers being able to have the most relaxing time in one of these spacious hot tubs. Each seat and lounger is really comfortable, so whether you’re enjoying the experience by yourself or with relatives, our 6-person spas are perfect for the occasion.

Why Buy a 6 Person Hot Tub?

You might be wondering what the main benefits are of going for a 6 person hot tub over a smaller model. Well, the obvious answer is that more people can enjoy the experience at one time.

These hot tubs have enough space to cater for six people, which means you can invite friends and family over to enjoy the experience. On the other hand, if it’s just you and your partner enjoying the hot tub, you’ll have a large amount of space to lie back and relax. More so than some of the smaller 2-person models.

These hot tubs also have access to more jets, which is only going to improve the hydrotherapy experience. This will improve you and your family’s wellbeing in the process.