Imogen Clark swimming in a Platinum Spas Helios swim spa.

Swim spas are a fantastic way to stay in shape – these specialised spas create a current with jets that you then swim against. Think of it like a treadmill in contrast to a swimming pool’s running track. One of the huge benefits that a swim spa has against a pool is that it’s cheaper, but how much does a swim spa cost?

In this guide, we are going to have a closer look at the cost of a swim spa, and what factors affect the cost of a swim spa. Are you ready to learn more about adding one of these sensational products to your home? Then let’s begin.

What Is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa is a type of spa that uses jets to create a powerful current for you to swim against, similar to a wave machine in a large swimming pool. The speed of the current in a swim spa can be adjusted depending on your comfort and swimming ability, which makes it perfect for new and seasoned swimmers alike.

To stay in place and to make for a more challenging workout, you can use a swim tether, which is an elastic cord that connects to a strap that you wrap around your body. The other end of the tether attaches to a strong rod that connects to the shell of your swim spa. It’s similar to resistance bands that you can use at the gym.

Some swim spas also come with seats that allow you to use the spa as a hot tub, ideal for hydrotherapy and resting after your workout.

What Factors Affect Swim Spa Cost?

It’s important to understand the different factors that can affect the cost of the swim spa. There are three key factors that will determine how much you pay for a swim spa: the size of the unit, the power of the jets, and whether it is a multifunctional model.

The Size of the Swim Spa

As you would likely expect, a larger swim spa will cost more, purely due to its physical size. A larger swim spa requires more components, more materials, and more engineering, making the model cost more. Our most affordable models are also our most compact, for example.

The Power of the Spa’s Jets

The swim spa’s jets are powered by pumps, which need to be powerful to enable a good workout. The more pumps that are required and the more power that they provide, the more expensive the swim spa, due to the cost of the pumps.

Multifunctional Capacity

Another key factor that affects swim spa cost is whether a swim spa is multifunctional. Some swim spas can only function as a swim spa, but all of our Platinum Spas swim spas can also function as hot tubs, with a section of the swim spa dedicated to relaxation, complete with seats and/or loungers.

This means that once you’ve worked out, or if you just want to relax, you can sit in the hot tub and enjoy the relaxation a hot tub can provide.

Additional Features

Other features can also increase the cost of the swim spa. For example, if your hot tub has LED lighting, can play music, or systems like an ozone clarifier, this will also increase the cost of the hot tub. 

Swim Spa Cost: Our Most Popular Models

In this section, we will examine some of Platinum Spas most popular models’ prices. This will give you a better idea of the range of prices and features that are available in the swim spa market.

Platinum Spas Eros – £22,999

One of our most affordable swim spas, the Platinum Spas Eros is a popular model with everything that you will need to enjoy a fully-featured swim spa experience. Measuring in at 4500 × 2250 × 1500 mm, it’s a compact model that still boasts enough room for five people. It also includes two comfortable seats, perfect for relaxing after a hard workout or after a tiring day.

The Eros’ currents are powered by three pumps, and there’s a single three-horsepower pump that takes care of the hot tub part of the swim spa. All four of these pumps can be diverted to a specific area of the swim spa or split evenly between the swim spa and hot tub ends. They can also provide exceptional hydrotherapy, which is a true asset for the athletic user.

To maximise your relaxation and keep you motivated, the swim spa also boasts striking LED lighting, while an ozone water clarification system will ensure that your water stays clean, in concert with chlorine or bromine

Platinum Spas Zelus – £26,999

The Platinum Spas Zelus is one of the most phenomenal swim spa packages on the market. This model combines the best of both worlds, being able to operate as both a hot tub and a swim spa. The Zelus measures in at 5700 × 2250 × 1500 mm, larger than the Eros, and we use that space to its greatest potential.

The swim spa end is equipped with three super-size jets that will give you a fantastic workout, while at the other end, you’ll find 39 hydrotherapy jets for the perfect post-workout experience. These jets are powered by a trio of three-horsepower jets at the swim spa end and a single three-horsepower jet at the hot tub end. All of these are industry-leading LX pumps.

As on the Eros, you’ll find LED lighting and an ozone water clarifier, ensuring your spa is always a fantastic place to be. This swim spa has enough room for four people, one person in the swim spa end and three in the hot tub end, and there’s room for all three of them to luxuriate, with the hot tub featuring two comfortable seats as well as a luxurious lounger. A perfect family swim spa, the Zelus is a tremendous package that’s reasonably priced.

Platinum Spas Helios – £29,999

For the ultimate swim spa experience, the Platinum Spas Helios is a phenomenal package for those who want the most luxurious swim spa experience. With space for six people, this swim spa is truly the best of both worlds. At the hot tub end, there are four seats and a lounger, paired with incredible jets for superb hydrotherapy powered by a pair of two-horsepower pumps, as well as a waterfall feature for enhanced relaxation.

Measuring in at 5900 × 2250 × 1500 mm, this is our largest swim spa and will make an excellent centrepiece in any garden. The swim spa is powered by a potent trio of three-horsepower jets, offering you the opportunity to workout as strenuously, or gently, as you like. You can expect all the features that you’d get on the Eros or Zelus, too, including LED lighting and an Ozone clarifier, too.

The Helios is our most fully-featured swim spa, ideal for the most discerning customer.


We hope that you have enjoyed this guide and that it’s helped you understand how much swim spas cost. As you can see, there is a broad range of prices available, from £22,999 to £29,999, with the chief factors affecting the price being the size of the hot tub, its capacity, the power of the pumps and the number of jets.

Whether you choose an Eros, a Zelus or a Helios, we believe that our swim spas will exceed your expectations and give you the chance to both relax and workout in the new centrepiece of your garden. If you would like to learn more about swim spas and what our different models can offer you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to speak to you about more details of our swim spa models.

Sarah Watkins