We are excited to announce the launch of three new hot tubs for 2022. The Marseille, Monaco and Mykonos are the latest additions to the Platinum Spas premium range.

Developed and ready to go into mass production, we are delighted to announce with our partner network that the products will be available to order for shipping in the new year.

We are confident that the three new hot tubs developed as part of this range will offer retail customers across the globe an improved choice and an exceptional hydrotherapy experience.


The Marseille is designed for up to five people with two loungers and three seats. It includes 58 jets, water features and LED lights. Using 2 x 2HP pumps the jet pressure is incredibly powerful and therefore the hydrotherapy is exceptional.


With one lounger and four seats this is the perfect hot tub for up to five people.

The Monaco hot tub is perfect for a large family or a group of friends. The Monaco has an abundance of features and is incredibly comfortable.


Designed for a family the Mykonos 4 person hot tub includes a US Aristech Acrylic finish and the Ozone water clarifying system.

With the latest innovations and technology, the Mykonos hot tub is Wi-Fi-enabled and has a Bluetooth sound system.

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Sarah Watkins