Platinum Spas offers world-class, premium products focused on improving health and wellbeing.

A hot tub or swim spa not only brings hours of enjoyment but has a number of health benefits too. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, relieves headaches, helps to burn fat faster and is even great for maintaining clear skin.

Hot tubs can boost circulation and reduce strain on the heart, lower blood pressure and can even help improve sleep. A swim spa also provides the same benefits, as well as the added benefit of intensified exercise.

Hot tubs are also great for soothing aching joints from injuries, arthritis or other conditions. The warm water and bubbles can help to soothe any aches and pains, often to lasting effect.

Soothe away the stresses of everyday with a soak in a hot tub or swim spa

After recently invested in a Maximus hot tub, part of the Platinum Spas premium range, couple Gaye and Mike share their experience of using the product so far. Gaye and Mike talk about the relaxation and wellbeing benefits and how they haven’t looked back since choosing to invest in a Platinum Spas hot tub.

The Maximus is the largest and one of the most powerful hot tubs in the Platinum Spas Premium range, seating up to 8 people. The Maximus includes the Platinum Premium Shield Insulation, an award-winning, energy efficient insulation.

The insulation combines five different types of insulation to retain the heat within the cabinet by the Superior Heatlock Insulation Process (SHIP). The end user will notice a considerable difference in the heat retained in the hot tub as well as a reduction in energy costs. With energy prices rising, a hot tub with premium insulation has never been so important.

Gaye, Platinum Spas customer, explains: “Relaxing in the hot tub is just a nice feeling that you’re away from the stress of everyday. Your stress seems to float away with the bubbles and it’s lovely.

Not only is it relaxing, but I also suffer from an old back injury, and I’ve found it really helps with soothing the muscles, eliminating any pains or aches.”

Watch the full case study video below.

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