We use hot tubs as places to relax after a long day at work or a long weekend, and this has some correlation with the way in which we take baths in a bathtub. One thing that is common amongst bathtub users is adding some bubble bath to the water in order to produce more bubbles. People can find this experience all the more relaxing.

In this article, we ask, ‘Can I put bubble bath in my hot tub?’, we look into the reasons why you shouldn’t add bubble bath to your hot tub including subsequent damage, excess bubbles and draining issues plus more. If you want to become an expert on this topic, we suggest reading on.

Can I Put Bubble Bath in My Hot Tub?

No, it is not advisable to put bubble bath in your hot tub because it will damage your hot tub, will produce excess bubbles that are hard to remove and will require emptying and refilling after use, which can take a long time to do.

All of these reasons aren’t worth it to have some extra bubbles in your hot tub during use.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Add Bubble Bath to Your Hot Tub

Now let’s explore the several reasons why you shouldn’t be adding bubble bath to your hot tub. The main reasons include – damage to equipment, less enjoyment, excess bubbles and emptying the hot tub after each use.

Damage to Equipment

One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t add bubble bath to your hot tub is because it can be damaging to the hot tub’s equipment. When you add bubble bath to the water of your hot tub, it will end up going in and out of its pipes and will also travel through its jets.

This can cause some particular debris to clog your jets and if not dealt with accordingly, could end up causing some long term damage to your hot tub.

Less Enjoyment

Another key reason why you shouldn’t be putting bubble bath in your hot tub is because the experience will end up being less enjoyable. Some of the main drivers behind why people buy hot tubs is because they improve our wellness and help us relax in times of distress.

By adding bubble bath to your hot tub, you’ll create an unnecessary amount of bubbles that you won’t be able to control or get rid of easily. This can change the experience of lying in your jacuzzi from relaxing to stressful.

Excess Bubbles

The reality is, when you add bubble bath to your hot tub, you’re going to experience a lot of excess bubbles, particularly when the hot tub jets are in motion. Similarly to if you were using washing up liquid in a sink, when you run the tap fast, bubbles develop at a rapid rate, and this is the same when you combine a hot tub’s jets and bubble bath. The scientific reason for why this happens is that you’re adding air to the mix.

You’ll also have no control over these bubbles as they’ll be difficult to remove, so it’s possible that you’ll be sat in your hot tub surrounded by an uncomfortable amount of bubbles. This can ruin the aesthetics of your hot tub, while also making the experience less enjoyable, and nobody wants that.

Emptying the Hot Tub After Each Use

Another drawback of adding bubble bath to your hot tub is that you’ll have to empty and refill your tub every time after use, if you care about preserving it for the long run. This can be extremely time-consuming, and might make you want to use your hot tub less.

The simple solution is to not use bubble bath in your hot tub, and that way you won’t be required to empty and refill your tub after each use.

How to Get Rid of Bubbles in a Hot Tub

So, let’s say that you weren’t able to read this article before putting bubble bath in your hot tub, and the inevitable has happened – you are faced with a large mountain of bubbles, you’re probably wondering how’s best to get rid of them.

There are a couple of ways you can get rid of bubbles from your hot tub effectively, and these are ensuring pH levels are correct, add water defoamer, scooping out excess foam and emptying and refilling the hot tub.

Ensure pH Levels Are Correct

Bubble bath can affect the pH levels of your hot tub’s water, so we recommend first checking that your pH and alkaline levels are correct, as well as your sanitizer levels. Adjust accordingly if not, and you should start to see your mountain of bubbles disperse over a period of time.

Add Water Defoamer

Although water defoamer isn’t technically designed to remove bubble bath, it’s certainly a worthwhile solution to explore if tweaking your pH levels doesn’t work. Simply add the suggested amount of defoamer into your hot tub’s water and run the jets to see it work its magic.

If adding the suggested amount doesn’t fix the issue, you could try adding more than the suggested amount, as bubble bath is a tougher foam issue to tackle than just standard hot tub foam.

Scoop Out Excess Foam

There’s always the manual method of scooping out the foam caused by bubble bath. Simply grab a net and scoop out as much foam as you possibly can. If you’re willing to put in the groundwork, you may be able to solve your problem via this method completely.

The reality is that you’re more likely to be able to remove the top layer of foam, with the surface level foam being a little more stubborn to get rid of. This is when you’ll want to explore some of the other removal options we’ve spoken about in this article.

Empty and Refill Hot Tub

Our final suggestion of how to remove bubble bath foam from your hot tub is doing a hard reset by emptying and refilling your hot tub. This can be a time-intensive process, and not something you’d look to do on a regular basis, but this can be an effective method of removing bubble bath foam from your hot tub.

Is It Safe to Put Bubble Bath in a Hot Tub?

With regard to whether putting bubble bath in a hot tub can harm the individuals using it, it should be perfectly safe to put bubble bath in your hot tub. Bubble bath is not harmful to the skin, as it is primarily targeted for use with children and babies, meaning the solution is extra sensitive on this front.

It’s the other reasons we’ve stated throughout this article, why you should think twice before adding bubble bath to your jacuzzi’s water.

Can I Put Shampoo in My Hot Tub?

Similarly to bubble bath, using shampoo in your hot tub will cause an excessive amount of bubbles to form on your hot tub’s surface. This means that you’ll be faced with the same problem of having to get rid of a large amount of bubbles, which can end up being a stressful and time-consuming experience.

Our guidance is to avoid using any shampoos, detergents, oils or soaps in your hot tub, as they’ll do more harm than good.


Can I put bubbles in my jacuzzi tub? When it comes to bubble bath and hot tubs, Platinum Spas advice is to not mix the two. Our number one piece of advice is to not treat your hot tub as if it were a bath tub, as one is designed to be emptied and refilled after each use and the other one is not.

Adding bubble bath to a hot tub can be time-consuming, less enjoyable and damaging, and none of us proud hot tub owners want that. Move forward by enjoying your hot tub bubble bath-free, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits for many years to come.

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Can I Put Bath Salts in My Hot Tub?

Yes, it’s possible to use specially designed bath salts that are suitable for hot tub use. These bath salts don’t contain any carrier oils, meaning that they aren’t harmful to your hot tub.

Can You Put Dish Soap in a Jacuzzi Tub?

Dish and laundry detergents can cause corrosion of the liner and filters of a hot tub, which can potentially lead to long term damage. We recommend not using any types of detergents in your hot tub, in order to protect its longevity.

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