The Superior Wellness team proudly exhibited Platinum Spas at the recent Aqua Live show from 5 October – 7 October.

The Aqua Live Show which took place at Charlotte Convention Center encouraged networking amongst the pool, spa, leisure and wellness industry.

The exhibition not only served an educational purpose, but also offered the chance for customers, suppliers and businesses to engage with products and innovations. Most importantly, the exhibition enabled our team to build connections.

Hot Tubs on display at the show included Infinity, Marseille, Tokyo, Santorini, Monaco, Mykonos, plus Tokyo on the Backyard display.

Aqua Live was the start of a busy season of trade shows for the Superior Wellness team who have a number of shows to attend over the winter period. Platinum Spas will be displayed at all shows this season.

Superior Wellness has invested heavily in the infrastructure and resources to improve its presence at recent trade shows. This includes the build and design of the stands, the number of team members representing the company and the level of marketing material available for prospect partners.

Our Business Development Manager Graham attended the show and said “Aqua Live has been a great experience for us! We have had the opportunity to network with hot tub companies all over the U.S. and connect with lots of potential future Platinum Spas partners, who we look forward to following up with.  We are looking forward to returning to the U.S in November at the PSP Expo in Vegas.”

Jamie Smith