Explore Platinum Spas range of 7 person hot tubs here. With up to 64 powerful hydrotherapy jets, our luxury 7 seater spas help customers relax, improving their wellbeing in the process. Our Colombo, Oslo and Seville models.

Having the ability to host up to seven people in your spa means that there is lots of space to enjoy the experience with family and friends. Each seat is extremely comfortable, and each spa is made to the highest standard.

Why Buy a 7 Person Hot Tub?

There are many benefits of purchasing a hot tub that has a seating capacity of seven. First and foremost, you can host plenty of family and friends when you have a hot tub this size. This will make your garden the go-to place for any social occasions.

Another benefit of having a 7 person hot tub is that when it’s not at full capacity, there’s plenty of space for fewer people to lounge and reap the benefits. For example, if there’s two people enjoying the spa, they’ll have lots of room to lie back and relax in comparison to a 2 person hot tub.