Quality, Great Value with Premium Features

Introducing the newly improved deluxe hot tub range. With a focus on innovation and the latest technology, the new range now boasts premium features and upgrades. Our deluxe hot tubs boast an array of meticulously designed features, curated to elevate your relaxation and enhance every moment spent in our hot tubs.

Choose from five of our deluxe hot tub models, all designed with comfort in mind, and more energy efficient than ever before. From our 4-seater Tahiti, to our 7-seater Seville, we have a deluxe hot tub that can accommodate you and your guests easily, so you can all experience a luxury hot tub experience.

Start your deluxe hot tub journey today.

What Makes the Deluxe Hot Tubs Special?

Our new and improved range of deluxe hot tubs now come with premium features that make them more energy efficient and enhance the enjoyment of relaxing in a hot tub.

Our luxury hot tubs come equipped with our innovative Platinum Premium Shield, incorporating five distinct insulation types expertly placed within the cabinet. This advanced insulation optimises heat retention, ensuring our deluxe hot tubs maintain their warmth for longer periods. The significant reduction in heat loss means that our hot tubs heat up more efficiently, too.

The increased heat efficiency that our Platinum Premium Shield provides, makes our deluxe hot tubs more eco-friendly, which also comes with an added benefit of reducing your energy bills.

Create The Perfect Ambience

Crafting the ideal atmosphere is essential in achieving that luxurious outdoor hot tub sensation. Experience the height of relaxation with our deluxe range, featuring our state-of-the-art Platinum Liquid Effects and Platinum Melody system.

Our innovative LED lights utilise a spectrum of colours and captivating lighting effects to create the perfect ambiance for your soothing hot tub sessions. 

When this is combined with our advanced Platinum Melody system, you can immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation experience with a mix of the perfect lighting and hydrotherapy benefits, complemented by your choice of music.

Included as a standard feature in all our models, the Bluetooth system ensures exceptional sound quality while providing effortless usability. Simply connect your smartphone or compatible device to the hot tub’s Bluetooth, and let the magic unfold.

Why Buy a Platinum Spas Deluxe Hot Tub?

Opting to buy a deluxe hot tub from Platinum Spas is investing in your relaxation. The premium features of our deluxe hot tubs enhance your relaxation experience. So whether you’re unwinding by yourself, or socialising with friends, having a deluxe hot tub can add a lot of extra value to your garden.