A Platinum Spas hot tub with loungers makes the experience of soaking in a hot tub in your garden that extra bit more relaxing. Lie back, stretch out, and fully immerse yourself in relaxation. When you’re in this comfortable position, you can feel the full benefit of the incredible hydrotherapy experience given by a Platinum Spas hot tub.

The hot tubs with loungers that we offer are super comfortable and are a great way to enjoy your spa experience at home. Most of our hot tubs include both loungers and seats, which make them great options for enjoying with friends and family, although you might have a fight on your hands to claim one of the relaxing loungers!

We have a range of hot tubs with loungers that are available in different sizes, starting from our Arizona 3-person hot tub, to our Maximus 8-person hot tub. So, no matter what size hot tub you need, you can get a quality hot tub to relax in with your friends and family.

If you’re looking to buy a hot tub with a lounger and want to know what would best suit your needs, visit one of our Showrooms, and we’ll be able to help you find the perfect hot tub for you. 

What is a Hot Tub Lounger?

A hot tub lounger is an area within a hot tub where people can lie with their feet up and head back. When lying in a lounger, your head will be supported by a headrest. A lounger is arguably the most comfortable way to enjoy a hot tub.

Loungers or Seats?

When purchasing a hot tub, you’ll notice that they usually come with loungers or seats, or a combination of both. So, which is the better option out of loungers and seats?

It is totally up to personal preference. Some customers will much prefer having the option to lie back in a lounger from their hot tub, whereas others prefer the all-seater style in order to host more people in their spa.

Why Buy a Hot Tub with Loungers?

Owning a Platinum Spas hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind in the garden, and with the addition of a lounger in your hot tub, you can lie back and rest your head for full-body relaxation. Enjoy the many benefits that having a hot tub offers, like relaxation, a space to socialise, and even hydrotherapy benefits.

If this sounds like it suits you, then you can explore our full range of hot tubs with loungers down below.