Platinum Everbase

Platinum Spas is designed to be used anywhere in the world and to withstand all environments. To meet these challenging demands, the spas are built with a tubular 304 grade stainless steel frame.

By using a stainless-steel frame, the spa is more stable and therefore will not expand, contract, twist or warp in changing temperatures or weather conditions that a hot tub may be subjected to.

Being tubular, EverFrame is perfectly designed to absorb and evenly disseminate the weight of the largest modern hot tub, especially with the vast volumes of water they can hold.

Platinum EverFrame

Platinum Spas are built from the ground up, with a rigid pan-base which is made from a tough ABS plastic that is  further strengthened with fibreglass giving superb structural integrity along with longevity.

The addition of reflective insulating bubble foil acts as a thermal sock and is designed to eliminate the cold  penetrating the inside of the spa by bouncing the cold away.

Platinum Illumination

Illumination is a key component of a fulfilling hot tub experience. Chromotherapy is a science and refers to the positive influence lights have on the body and mind.

All Platinum Spas models are fitted with an array of multi-coloured LED lights that can be simply controlled with a push of a button. If you are in the mood to have an individual colour or want our mood lighting where the colours softly fading between each other, the choice is yours.

Platinum Superior-Zone

Water quality is extremely important and the addition of our Superior-Zone helps keep your water crystal clear, whilst also reducing the amount of sanitising chemicals used.

Longevity is what our patented ozone has been designed for and it will provide years of worry free purification, long after many ozone generators have given up. Working quietly in the background our Superior-Zone is looking after your water both day and night, meaning the hot tub is ready to use
at any time.

Superior-Zone is fitted as standard on all Platinum Spa models, as we believe good water clarity shouldn’t come at an additional cost.

Platinum Liquid Effects

Relaxation comes from many forms and there is nothing better or relaxing when looking at a waterfall or fountains and enjoying the sound they project. We have taken inspiration from these to produce a variety of Liquid Effects to enhance your soak time and relaxation. With pop up fountains and wide waterfalls offering different visual and sounds effects.

For the night time bather, we have added Platinum Illumination so you can take advantage of wonderful fountains and waterfalls as all Liquid Effect features are backlit enabling you to view the stunning dancing water.

Platinum Hydromassage

Hydrotherapy is one of the main reasons why people purchase a hot tub. It’s important to offer a variety of jet configurations, and therefore each seat within our Platinum Spas hot tubs offer different styles and layouts of jets.

From reverse mould shoulder jets, to larger pulsating back jets and even powerful foot jets for great reflexology we have designed seats to produce a massage for every requirement.

We feel that you should be in control of the massage you receive, so each jet can be turned up or down to allow the pressure you want. We also have Air Valve controls to introduce air into the water stream which makes the jets more powerful or you can reduce it for a subtler massage.

Platinum Melody

There is nothing better than a soothing massage while listening to your favourite music, radio station, podcast or even a book and achieving this has never been easier thanks to our Platinum Melody system.

This high-quality Bluetooth system is fitted as standard to all models and is very simply to use. Simply search, then connect your smartphone or model device to the hot tubs Bluetooth and away you go.